Food, Friends and Fashion

What is the start to an apocalyptic day?
Horrible breakfast with no coffee?
Perhaps having to deal with an estranged dog 🐶 whose only sense of happiness comes from undisturbed, consistent barking?
Whatever the case, how do you remedy such a bad day before it gets, well worse?
What is you calamine lotion to soothe the days unprovoked angst against you?
With inspiration from BeigeRenegade herself we list out three ways to turn a disaster day into a happy one.

1. Create a fashion story


You may think a fashion story needs to be planned from morning till night and you need to be coupled with a muscular man from whom you dramatically run away from as the wind swipes your hair but no. Yes those themes tend to be a classic, a go to, but if you’re having a horrible day your main focus should be; having fun!. So whip out your phone and ask a friend (or a generous stranger) to snap away, or if you’re like our fave Beige girl, have your tripod ready and happen upon a set of chairs that distinctly match your outfit.
2. Find a Food spot


Okay so you may have started a new healthy diet or maybe you’re just not a foodie, however going to a good food spot to pick at bread while conversing with friends old and new can be the perfect pass time. If you ARE a foodie then make sure to order your favourite dish that day! And savour each taste to distract you from your disaster day, or you can do like BeigeRenegade and continue your fashion story over some beverages in a very scenic restaurant.
3. Take a breather


Finally, let yourself unwind with quiet moments for yourself, whatever is stressing you, we’re sure Food, Friends and Fashion can help!

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