THP shop: Fashion with a conscience

Often times, with fashion it becomes incredibly easy to be absorbed into the fast paced existence of production and consumption, with lines rarely drawn as to what boundaries are to remain uncrossed despite high demand.

However, deep within the nook of what seems a very pretentious and self absorbed industry one can sometimes find a handful of brands that despite constant demand and pressure remain regardless, truthful to their identities and opt out of the destruction of the earth contributed by fashion.


One such brand is, T.H.P Shop, a brand created by Vanessa Hong (@thehautepursuit), a blogger (amongst other things), whose brain child has recently seen a rebirth, redirecting its focus to sustainable fashion. Recreating her brand, Vanessa’s beautifully woven baskets are woven in Morocco and seem to be the brands current focal point.


It is predictable that such a shift will be respected,  for its acknowledgement of the damage done by fast fashion and its part in accessing and changing its own methods to prevent further damage.

The Market Mini

It then begs the question, will more brands follow suit? and redirect their sources to more sustainable means?, and if so are said brands in reality actually developing a conscience? or are they further creating fake perspectives to increase their markets?. It is highly likely that this will remain a topic for debate, however here is to hoping this shift by these brands is strong enough to create something of a ripple effect.

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