This is Margaret

This is Margaret (@margaret__zhang), something of an industry and fashion favourite, dancing the lines between fashionable secretarial figure, and tardy city explorer in her new short film.


In retro style, with the somewhat silky voice of a heavily accented man (Italian? Perhaps French?, one can never be too presumptuous) lending his voice for narration, enters Margaret as she navigates her way through the exciting city of Venice, through which she meets various figures whom the narrator blends with wit into her story.


Margaret, depicted as something of a tardy yet stylish persona can be seen weaving through scenic parts of the city. As we are further told she is “always late, but worth the wait”, yet the tease leaves be there, never revealing to what she is late, or to whom she leaves waiting.


This Margaret, who we see sporting, ribbons and scarves in her hair is said to have a nine to five, whilst holding down another job of standard. Yet, again we are still in the dark as to where this Margaret hustles and bustles to, and whom she is proposed to meet.


After bearing witness (though virtually) to the creative child bore by Margaret, that is also to serve as an introduction to the rebirth of her platform ShineByThree into disembark from the visual trip provided by her short, to a feeling of necessity to gather ones staple belongings and travel to a city as beautiful to create content as captivating.


Watch the full short


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