Jamie Beck – The painting of a woman

There are a few, who dance the lines between photographer and poet, image maker and story teller, artist and muse.


Cleverly and effortlessly moving between these is Jamie Beck (@annstreetstudio), a woman whose incredible penchant for story telling, through her medium of photography tells tales of wonder and enchantment with simple objects but strong executions.


Often with the result of resembling classic paintings, her photographs draw in the viewer and force an interaction beyond the standard Instagram meme, or heavily curated “influencer” image. Rather with carefully chosen captions that allow the viewer to delve into her mind, Jamie transfixes and inspires, curating and crafting a multitude of images to which she attends with steady hands and much love.


The devil truly is in the detail, and her work, much like the exhibits at a gallery exude simplicity and elegance in magnificent harmony, captivating the viewer to not only appreciate the individuality of her work but further dream of ways to recreate.

It is also rather instant, the love and draw to her work, almost as though the imaginings of your favourite classic novel has come to life in the form of rustic but lively imagery, it is truly no wonder she has garnered over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, but regardless of such numbers the beauty and sheer creativity of her work would not have been ignored otherwise.

One can take many lessons from her work, one being to embrace ones self fully to express your visions. As seen, often Jamie is her own muse, collating simple items to aid in her image crafting, and yet seemingly simple is anything but. Utilising Instagrams latest “highlight” feature, Jamie took time to illustrate the workings behind this image;

605FA611-E03A-476B-A6A7-3D4EAF0013C1Still on her page, it is one of those displays that must be viewed to fully understand the totality of the artistry. This kind of honesty, is often lost amongst instagram paitrachs of “creativity” who often make it an end goal to portray the most unreachable images in existence. Although without exactly intending, her works allure carries this aura on its own, but yet, taking the time to show the detailed behind the scenes workings of her image, is one many will appreciate,  if only as a ghost viewer or perhaps as one that aims to learn a thing or two.


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