Beginning as an instrument for vicarious living rather than self documentation, ‘Being Gauche’ began as a digital publication curated and founded by Atare Hanna to house tales from fashion, culture, art and everything that falls in between.

Still set in its original purpose for creation but seeing an evolution, ‘BeingGauche’ is now a DigiAgency whose focal point and particular interest lay in reclaiming the term ‘Gauche’ as not one that is to represent persons that are uncouth but rather to represent and celebrate both those that embrace their differences and those learning how to

What is a DigiAgency?

’Being Gauche’  identifies as a DigiAgency, meaning that our aim is not  only to create meaningful and valuable digital content but also to represent the individuals and brands that work with BG

     About Atare Hanna

Atare Hanna is something of a fashion enthusiast on a strict student budget, whose interests in writing have navigated her towards penning her various perspectives on the subject and its participants.

Beyond that, living with a long term health conidition and experiencing the exclusion it in turn creates served as something of a nudge to create a space where such an exclusion was not necessary, nor welcomed.

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